Corneal Procedures

Keratoconus | Intrastromal Corneal Rings (Intacs) | Corneal Transplant



Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea that causes a weakening of the cornea leading to a gradual outward bulging of the eye. Instead of having a rounded cornea the shape of a soccer ball, the cornea becomes the shape of a rugby ball when developing Keratoconus.


Intacs RingsIntacs

These Corneal Procedures involve placing the plastic insert just beneath the surface of the eye in the periphery of the cornea.


Corneal Transplant

These are extremely delicate microsurgical Corneal Procedures. The procedure first involves removal of a round, button-shaped shaped portion of the damaged cornea. This diseased cornea is removed with a special round cutting tool called a trephine. Then, a clear donor cornea, prepared to the same size, is replaced within the round opening. Finally, this donor cornea is stitched into place with extremely fine sutures.