Day of Your Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery TeamThe Surgeon’s assistant will schedule a time on the day of your Laser Eye Surgery. You will be given a mild sedative so please arrange for someone that will fetch you from Visiomed. Prepare to spend 2 to 4 hours with us. While the Visiomed ward staff help you get ready, every step will be taken to ensure you have the best experience possible.

At Visiomed we cater for both your physical and psychological needs. In order to give you optimal visual care we use innovative technology, yet we do all this within a caring and friendly environment. This ensures that your experience on the day of your Laser Eye Surgery will be positive and enlightening.

Your friends or relatives can relax in our comfortable reception area while waiting for you as we attend to your needs and surgery.

An operating theatre is often associated with being a cold and impersonal environment; a place you do not want to be and where you are treated as a number and not as an individual. You will experience the contrary at Visiomed, where the friendly theatre staff will welcome you with warm heartedness and take extra care of your wellbeing while you receive your surgery.

We are focused on you